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  • Nikon users - Help and advice please!

    Hello, fellow Nikonians!

    I am planning a photography trip to LHR next weekend and I just wanted to get some advice about settings; I've had a pretty bad run of photography recently, with issues such as vignetting (among others) causing me problems. I want to make sure that all of my settings are correct and that I am not creating unnecessary problems for myself before I even start!

    I am basing my settings on clear blue skies, which I have booked in advance.

    The ISO setting is 200 and I have also selected Auto ISO sensitivity.
    Auto Servo is on AF-A mode
    AF- Area mode is on 3D.

    Is there anything in the above that could cause me problems?

    I have been studying EXIF data for some photos I have really admired recently. Most of these have an F-value of 8.1-9.0; I'm using a 55-300mm lens, which has an F-value range of 4.5- 5.6.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated; there are quite a lot of nice new types - Etihad 77W, Malaysia 380, etc - that I want to catch up with, so I'm trying to make sure there's no glaring fault with my settings that could ruin my weekend (as has happened in the past!)

    Thanks for any help!

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    You don't say which camera you use but for a sunny day I set my D7000 to 100 ISO, aperture priority, f8, +0.3ev overexpose, centre weighted metering and 39 point autofocus.

    .....and if you're talking about this coming Sunday 5th I might just be around myself at LHR.
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      Need to know the camera.


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        Sorry, the camera is a D3100.

        Brian, it would have been lovely to meet you, but unfortunately, I'm not going up there until next Sunday, 12th May.


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          Any more information that someone could give me on this?

          As it happens, a friend of mine has kindly offered me the use of his 28-300mm lens for the weekend.

          Unfortunately, the weather looks a bit dodgy (as of now) for Sunday, anyway, so I'd also appreciate your advice for photography when light is less than optimal.

          Many thanks for any pointers you can give!


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            Focus needs to be set to AF-C (or AF-A) - Dynamic-Aera AF (here you need to know that the D3100 operates with shutter priority, so it will fire a shot even if has not fully focussed)

            Depending on the weather you can shoot in P*, A or S mode (P* works under most circumstances, A is for decent weather, S more for marginal weather)

            Center-weighted metering

            Active D-Lightning -> OFF


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              Thanks very much Stefan; I've made those changes; thankfully the weather looks like it won't be too bad.

              Can I ask you about centre weighted metering; my camera had a default setting of "Matrix"; what difference/advantage does centre weighting bring?


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                Matrix metering uses the whole image for exposure, center-weighted uses primarily a smaller area in the centre of the frame. Say you have a white plane in front of a dark blue sky, matrix is more likely to overexpose the plane. Same with a bright wide sky, matrix is more likely to underexpose the plane. On my D300 I have configured one of the function buttons to switch to matrix metering with a fingertip.


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                  Thanks very much ... let's hope I have plenty of blue sky to prove the difference!