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How to handle wrong Registartion

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  • How to handle wrong Registartion

    Hi there,

    I uploaded this picture and recognized, that before uploaded pictures were obviously uploaded with the wrong registration.

    So first I checked if I made something wrong. But you can see clearly the registration F-RADB and not 422 on the fuselage and all the other databases uses "F-RADB" and not the cn 422 as the registation (, planepictures, airfighters,...). Even the database of shows as registration "F-RADB"!!!

    So I uploaded the pic with the notice to the screener, that the registration is "F-RADB" not "422". Than I recieved the rejection with "bad info" and appealed with the information to the screener that the real registartion is not 422, which is by the way also not visible!
    Now I got an e-mail with notice that I should upload it with the military reg 422 like the other 142 pictures.

    That is a little bit confusing. There is an error at the db and because of 142 pictures with this error, I should not do it correct and upload also with this error???

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    422 is the correct reg.

    Look up 422 under French Air Force at scramble. There are plenty French Air Force planes which carry a dual registration.

    But scramble says:

    serial: 422
    code: F-RADB
    cn: 422

    And if you enter F-RADB into the serial field at scamble, it shows no matching records.