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    I try to do something different and sometimes new stuff. So you can find a lot of pictures here showing only part of a pannel or even only a few instruments.
    So I thought what heapens if you shut off the lightsource and photographing an old aircraftpannel? You can see this result here:

    But now this is rejected with dark/underexposured!

    What would heapen if you devellop it longer than 30sec? Probably nothing, because there was no lightsource exept the fluorecent instruments.

    What would heapens if you use a lightsource? You would not realy see what you can see now and you would have a standard-pannel-picture!

    So is this to expermimental for

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      The photo has been deleted. Can you upload the photo you were referring to to a site such as imageshack and paste the URL?
      Click below to See My Photos On: