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Bad Color (Over/Under Saturation, Hue) Rejections

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  • Bad Color (Over/Under Saturation, Hue) Rejections


    I'm having some serious issues with the colours on a batch of photos here. The photos seem to have a red cast over them, and I'm almost not able to see it on my monitor. Can anyone please help and advise me on how to correct this problem.

    Is the red casting something I can pick up in the histogram/other tool?

    Some info what i used on those photos
    Camera: Canon 5D mII / RAW files / org color temp: 4850K.
    Photoshop CS5

    Here is one of the photos, and it's histogram:

    I don't know if this relates to the problem, but I re-installed Photoshop on my new PC and all the photos were saved as adobe RGB. After I had noticed this, I re-saved all the photos to sRGB again.

    I have also used the same workflow as i have done for x number of years now, and never had issues like this before

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    Color space is OK, but the photos have over all a red-ish color cast. If you can't see them, perhaps your monitor is wrongly calibrated. Just a test, set the white to a bright white point on the fuselage, or just try "auto-color" on Photoshop, or upload the photo to any wbespace and have a look at them from another PC and see what happens.
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