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  • "Categories Wrong or Missing"

    This isn't a rejection complaint thread, as much as it is a suggestion. The Rejection reason "Categories Wrong or Missing" is a little vague when there's no mention of what categories were checked in the rejection notice. Can that be changed to give us some direction?


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    I always do my best to write a note to the photographer mentioning which category was missing. Maybe more screeners could do this too.


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      I too leave a short note. Category missing...low/high contrast....sometimes a bit more on how to fix it.
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        Notes are always appreciated


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          The problem is, there no traces of what cathegory was checked if you open yor rejected photo. Also there is no "cathegory" part at any photos already in DB, so one must use search with cathegory criteria to research. Also it's not infrequent when same palne is accepted in different combination of cathegories.


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            These photos are rejected. Reason: Categories wrong or missing

            But which category is wrong or missing????

            The screener left me no note.

            In an other case I asked by appealing the photo, but I was told that it was not allowed to use the appealing funtion for that kind of questions. I had to use the forum.

            So, who can tell me what category is wrong or missing.

            The photos:



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              Did you select special scheme?


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                No I did not, because I was told by screeners that display teams and display planes are not a special scheme.

                I once uploaded a photo of the orange display F-16 of the Royal Dutch Air Force.
                I then selected special scheme and the photo was rejected. When I appealed, I was told that display teams and display planes are not special scheme, because their scheme is part of the function as dislpay plane and therefore common.

                Both Turkish Air Force F-16's are display planes.


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                  Indeed no category is needed for these and IMO they are not that dark. Worth an apeal.
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