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  • brianw999
    Cut off most appropriately applies when wing tips and/or horizontal stabilisers are chopped off when they could or should be reasonably included.
    The risk of a cut off reject is there with the tight crops that we see, especially when the angle of view is side on or close to side on. Tight crops only really work when shot at approximately 45 degrees. The decision has to be made then...."Do I crop behind the engine or behind the main gear" ? What is important in making that decision is if the crop means that an engine or gear part is going to be chopped through then a cut off rejection is almost certain. Cropping too far behind the engines and/or gear causing a part of rear fuselage to become visible will also get a cut off rejection on the grounds that you might as well have shown the whole aircraft.
    Tightly cropped tails should be just that, tightly cropped. Including a section of the fuselage unbalances the image and detracts from the subject matter of the tail decoration.
    Ask yourself one question before chopping off any part of a picture....."What am I going to gain out of doing this ?"
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  • aceriana
    started a topic Part of aircraft cut off

    Part of aircraft cut off

    Hello everybody

    I would like to ask some opinions from spotters and official word from screeners regarding the rejection: part of aircraft cut off.

    I often see nice photos accepted by JetPhotos screeners where a part of the aircraft is clearly cut off - be it a piece of the wing, a piece of the tail, etc.

    Now, I have had a few rejections with this reason and I simply do not understand where I should cut to make sure everything is OK - given the variety of cut photos I see accepted.

    Thanks for your help.