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Reject for backlit/bad composition

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  • Reject for backlit/bad composition

    Hi Screeners
    I have the following that have been rejected as either backlit or bad composition.

    I am unable to understand why they have been rejected due to backlit as the aircraft were in the"golden hour" as the sun was just setting and they were pointing into the sun....
    Also they were rejected for bad composition.

    Please can someone help me to fix them so that I can appeal/re-submit.
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    They are backlit, no way to fix that. Look at the Aegean, there you can clearly see that the fuselage casts a shadow on the wing leading edge, as the part between fuselage and engine is in the shadow, while the part outside the engine is in the sun.


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      As Stefan said, there is no way to fix the images being backlit. They might be during the golden hour, but the light isn't strong enough or interesting enough to make them being backlit ok. The bad composition is due to the aircraft not being centered. With just the fuselage, NOT the tail or landing gear, there should be equal space above and below the aircraft. Scroll back through some threads to find one of Brian's famous diagrams, they are genuinely helpful.