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  • Question on Night Shot

    Given the definition of Night shot (dawn/dusk/night) or shots with "long shadows", is there a practical cutoff to use for when to switch from night shot to normal?

    I was shooting at LHR from the Renaissance from pre-dawn until about 8:30 AM, and while 8:30 (3+ hours after sunrise) would not be a night shot, the shadows are pretty long.

    I've put them in the queue, so I'm not looking for pre-screening per se, but I don't want a bunch of rejections due to wrong/missing category so just want some advice there so I can make sure they're set correctly.

    Example 1: shot early, shadow just a few degrees off horizontal.

    Example 2: - shadow is still very long, but not quite horizontal anymore.

    Example 3: - and lastly, still very long shadow but this is 2+ hours after sunrise so doesn't seem to meet the "night shot" idea.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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    The first one ? Yes, night shot.....and it's on the edge of daytime. Personally I would say that anything where the sun is more than 5 degrees above the horizon then we go to daytime. A good place to get a clue from is in the clouds. If the cloud tops are better illuminated than the bottom then night shot is a good guess.
    The best thing to do with these marginal shots is to leave a short message to screeners along the lines of "night shot selected due to low shadows. Please delete if not appropriate"
    This shows us that you are thinking about your shot and not just blindly clicking a box.

    The other two shots are daytime for me.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      Thanks Brian ... will go with that.