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  • About "Similar" photos

    Dear Friends,
    Perhaps something is not clear to me that in the rules.
    So I would like a clarification.
    This previous photo was taken during the landing process:
    This photo was rejected, but it was taken during the takeoff process:
    As I see and understand there is a significant difference between these two shots. Is there not a difference of 45 degrees between these two shots? Also, in my opinion, the situation of the wheels gives a different perspective. Am I wrong?
    So I sent an appeal.
    The appeal was rejected, with the following comment:
    ''different phases of flight do not matter, similar angle does''
    I want to clarify: I am not trying to bend the rules, I'm just trying to be sure!

    Best regards,

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    The upload guideline is very clear

    2.6 Similar

    Means that you have a similar photo already in the database. Please upload only your best photos, try other angles, be creative. Similar refers to same registration, same angle/composition or same background, even if taken at different dates or in different phases of flight. The angle between uploads must differ by at least 45 degrees. (...)

    So yes the Air France was correctly rejected (far less than 45deg difference too)

    I hope it clears it up

    Best regards


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      Thanks for the reply, I still think that the differences between the two shots are significant, I think maybe it was possible to think an ex gratia in the case like this, but I accept humbly your decision.

      Best regards,