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Burned Out Highlights

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  • Burned Out Highlights

    This photo of mine has been rejected for Too Much or Too Much/Little Contrast/Overexposed.

    Screener's comment was "The highlights are simply burned out".

    How can I understand that the highlights are burned out and is there any way to repair that image or I need to re-edit it ??

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    Looking at the histogram, you'll notice a pic on the right going out the histogram - meaning the light tones are overexposed - that is also clear on the picture as the details are lost on the white areas.
    Remember to always check your histogram when shooting in order to get the best settings - Lot of cameras are subject to easy overexposure when shooting bright white planes.
    About how to improve it, best advice is to shoot RAW where the details won't get lost on burned out areas and where you'll be able to adjust the exposure on editing - I have a picture somewhere here where I had f***ed up the exposure and the picture was all completely white - nothing to see on the camera screen - Just for fun I kept it and by bringing down the exposure on Camera-Raw, I got an okay result - It's way harder and often impossible to correct a blown out jpeg picture

    Hope it helps

    Best regards


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      OK Thanks a lot Alex