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High pixels and sharpening

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  • High pixels and sharpening

    I've just acquired a new Nikon D5300, which I haven't yet managed to try out, but hopefully soon. However, before doing so, I just wanted to ask a few questions.

    This camera has considerably more pixels than my previous one, a D3100, which had 14.2m pixels, while the D5300 has about 23m. Does that mean I will need to sharpen slightly (or considerably) less than I currently have to?

    I'm just wondering how much I need to bear that in mind when I am processing; is there anything else I need to think about; I've already transferred most of the settings I used to use on the D3100 (and, of course, disabled the dreaded D-lighting, which tripped me up badly on my first outing with the D3100!).

    Comments and advice most welcome!

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    Well, firstly...well done with that bloody D Lighting !

    As far as settings are concerned, the best thing that you can do is practise with camera at different settings. The best settings on my old D80's did not work as well on my new D7000's.
    For the sharpening issue, judge each image in its own right. Much will depend on lighting conditions, lens used and camera settings used.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !