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question re: wing views photo location

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  • question re: wing views photo location

    Hi friends, I've been uploading a fair amount of wingviews over the past year or so, and I was under the impression that unless part of the airport in question is actually immediately visible in the shot, wingviews should be listed as "Inflight" with whatever territory / state you are over. I've noticed a few shots in the database for which that is not the case though and wondering what the rules are exactly and which is preferred?

    Like this one:

    It seems to make sense for me to list that as LAX even though the airport is not visible because it relates directly to LAX.
    For example could I have listed this photo as JFK? It seems like people searching for photos from JFK would like to see that since it is just after takeoff from there:

    I believe this shot of mine, in which you can see LAX in the distance was rejected the first time around because I listed it as at LAX:

    Thanks for the clarification in advance

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    This is the wording as written in the upload guidelines....

    1.1.6 Uploading Wing Views

    Shots taken airborne need to be 'Inflight' unless an airport is visible in the shot.

    This is done via the location menu by selecting the "Country" you are flying over, then selecting "Inflight" from the "Location/Airport..." field.
    Your rejected image with LAX in the background was possibly a little harsh but I have to say it could go either way and that I had to expand the image to find and see the airport and based on that, I would also have rejected and required it to be "Inflight".
    If you are not sure you can always leave a note to screeners with your upload. Failing that ask in the forums before you upload.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      Thanks Brian