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  • Nightshot??

    These two are rejected. Reason: Categories wrong or missing. I appealed and asked which categories are wrong or missing. The answer is: nightshot.

    The photos are made at 6:24 am. Sunrise was that day at 5:28am.

    So that's why I did nor choose nightshot.

    But these ones are accepted: At 6:19am. At 6:17am.

    In the upload guidelines I found this: The sun needs to be very close to the horizon for Night Shot to apply. The sun was already high in the sky after one hour.

    So very confusing.

    I have more photos in the queue made at the same day and the same time.

    Should I choose nightshot for all of these photos. It seems strange to me.

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    The first one was rejected for:

    - Dark / Underexposed
    - Too much noise or grain
    - Categories wrong or missing

    The second one for:

    - Blurry
    - Categories wrong or missing

    We would change the category as we see fit in borderline cases, but obviously not when there are faults, that we can not fix.

    The 2 accepted pics hat night shot selected by the screener.


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      Yes, there were more reasons to reject the photos, but I was amazed about the categories wrong or missing, I still am.

      But what to do with the other photos in the queu. There time is from 6:25am till 7:09am. Must I select nightshot or not.

      When and at what time isn't it a nightshot anymore.

      In my opinion they are all not nightshot. It was a clear day. With sun and clouds.

      Advice please.


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        The light was still orange from the sun since she was just up. I added night shot to the accepted shots.

        A rule we keep is when the light is red/orange from a low sun then we select night shot.

        And the other reject reasons are fair.
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          If you are not sure Paul then select night shot and leave a note to the screeners such as "Night shot selected. Please delete if not appropriate".
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Seahawk and Erwin why mention the other rejection reasons. Of course I know that the other reasons are fair, but that was not my question. I was surprised by the reason: Categories wrong or missing. The screener did not leave a comment, so I was curious what really was missing.

            Nightshot. While the night was over for two hours???

            Thank you Brian for your answer. I was intending to do so with the other photos as you suggested.

            (By the way the rejected photos are not orange.)

            Nevertheless, thanks you all for your contribution to this discussion.

            Kind regards,



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              Now I see that is not possible to leave a message to the screeners when the photos are already in the queu.