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Rejection - bad info (inflight / window shot)

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  • Rejection - bad info (inflight / window shot)

    Hi guys,

    Any help with this rejection appreciated, as I found the reason a little vague.

    "Bad info" (Country) and "Over Processed / Bad postprocessing"

    Country listed as "International Airspace" which I believe to be correct, as it was an 'out the window' shot during cruise. Unless the screeners are implying I should list the country we were overflying at the point the photo was taken - however due to the lack of moving maps onboard the TCX 757 this would be a bit difficult. Possibly Austria but unsure.

    The same photo did get accepted first time over at another website (in 1600 rather than the 1200 version submitted to JP), and while I am not really keen on the idea of having 2 separate versions of the same photo online, I could certainly re-export the photo and tone down the processing / saturation / contrast / sharpening etc a bit, but the bad info thing will need explaining, as to avoid wasting time of the screeners and myself. Am I missing something obvious?

    Many thanks
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    International airspace only exists over the oceans where no individual country has territorial control. In these areas ATC is supplied by a contracted/nominated centre.
    When flying over land we ask for the country you are flying over. In an airliner and in the absence of a seatback moving map a general rule of thumb is to use an average 400 mph for the flight. Draw a line from departure point to arrival point and mark it off in hours flight time. From this you can get an acceptable approximation of the country you were flying over. We are not asking for inch perfect accuracy, just an approximation of your location.....unless of course Mont Blanc is right outside your window !
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      Thanks for that Brian. Really grateful of the explanation. Having used your method and judging by the terrain below I am pretty sure it was Austria, but I can't be much more accurate than that unfortunately so hopefully that will suffice. I've re-exported another version and toned down the processing so fingers crossed this time around. Cheers again


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        That did it - photo now accepted:

        Cheers again