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    Bad weather can also be nice, but it needs to add something to the shot. White plane against grey sky is hard to edit for a mostly not very pleasing result. Looking at your rejects, some seem to border on backlit, others seem to be taken on very hazy/foggy days, those can not be fixed in most cases.


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      Originally posted by seahawk View Post
      Adjust the histogram, if the result comes out too dark, it was not the best day for spotting and the shots are for your personal collection.
      A direct answer with little or no nuances

      Originally posted by Alex - Spot-This ! View Post
      You're not a nuisance but definitely, sometimes the weather isn't at its best and it's a clever idea to keep shots for your personal collection - We all went on spotting trips where unfortunately the weather sucks (5 times at LHR for me, 1h of sun in TOTAL) - What I think is good to remember is that we should not be shooting for JP but for our collection first - Then if you are more selective with what you upload, your portfolio looks much nicer too - And for the bad weather shots, if you really want to publish them, why not use Flickr where you can manage everything, without the damn screeners
      I personally never upload a picture where there's no sun on the aircraft unless it's a very rare plane (but that's just me)

      A fine answer with the realities of spotting