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  • rejection

    hi all this was rejected for
    - Undersharpened (Soft)
    - JPG compression artefacts

    could i have some advice thanx in advance

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    actually I think the picture is slightly blurry and no editing can cure that - One for the personnel collection

    To avoid compression rejection you need to be sure to ALWAYS save your images in the highest possible quality and also not to crop too much on long distance shots

    And please Don't appeal that much (like we asked you many times) ... I'm pretty sure you already have more appeals than I ever did... and I joined in 2003 and have almost 6000 pics in the db...

    Now that you have access to the forum, you first ask advices here and then, eventually, if we told you so, an appeal might be worth it

    edit - while I was writing that, you got another reject, and you directly appealed again....
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