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Part of plane cut off

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  • Part of plane cut off

    I've uploaded this photo twice with different tags but it has been rejected both times. First time I uploaded this as an airport overview/ramp/etc and was told to upload it as a wing view. I went and did that and was rejected for having part of the aircraft cut off even though the wing is clearly visible sticking out the left hand side. I went and appealed it but was rejected with the message "not a wing shot if we can't see the wing or if the wing is not enough visible."

    Also, after uploading dozens of photos, I have never once seen a rejection note of "Bad motive." If someone has an explanation for that, I would be grateful.

    Am at a loss for what I should do to make this photo upload-able.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

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    That must be frustrating. I would accept it as airport overview. My advise would be upload as such, with the airport overview category selected and make a comment to the screeners that you were advised to do so.


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      I agree with Pam. Airport overview. It's not a Ramp shot as that lot have already left the ramp and are on a taxiway. Wing view is questionable with so little wing in view. At first I didn't even realise that that bit of wingtip was actually from your aircraft. Be very brief with your note to screeners as the field can only handle a couple of short sentences.
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        in terms of composition there's a lot of empty space, even the far distance 747 doesn't bring much to the overall picture, which leave half of the pic more or less empty - I know it's frustrating but I'm really not sure such crop works here



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          That is the wing from your aircraft? Did you take the pic from the cockpit?


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            Thank you all for the replies. I will try and upload this shot as an airport overview and if that doesn't work, then I may just give up.

            @seahawk I was in first class on this flight so I could only see the very tip of the wing.