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Accused of manipulation

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  • Accused of manipulation

    I have been accused of manupilating one of my pics.
    In the past one of the screeners did this too and it makes me sick!

    On an appeal the comment was: "Cloning marks in the sky".
    The only thing I did in the sky was cleanig dust spots.

    I DID NOT manipulate any picture since being a member of this site!
    One thing for me is for sure, if it happens again, I will leave this site!

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    Digital Manipulation is a reject reason when there is bad cloning indeed. You cloned dust spots out but that is visible on the reject picture. So its only a way for you to know that you have to clone out your dust spots beter.
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      When you clone out dust spots make sure you use a soft edged brush that is slightly bigger than the spot. Use three or four clicks over the spot. This will avoid hard edges being visible.
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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        Ok Brian, now I understand the reason, wish this was expained in the mail from the screener or moderator.
        Then I did'nt had a reason to be mad!

        Thanks and regards.