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Help with rejection "dark / underexposed" + contrast problem.

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  • Help with rejection "dark / underexposed" + contrast problem.

    I have a problem on how to fix the exposure of this picture.
    (obviously we don't talk about the noise/grain problem, I have stupidly forgotten a step in my editing process).

    When I do adjustment of exposure, I concentrate my action on the plane which is THE subject of the picture.
    Well, I do not find this plane "dark / underexposed". The "dark" being the trees in the background.

    I am also very perplex about the contrast: I do not see where it could be improved. The histogram shows black to white extension with no excess of black nor white. So, according to me (I know I am far from being a professional photographer) contrast is not "too much" nor "too little". Then I don't know how I can improve this contrast aspect.

    I will appreciate your suggestions.

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