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Adjust the luminosity histogram

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  • Adjust the luminosity histogram


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    The RGB histogram peaks to the right, but not the luminosity histogram.
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      In the histogram box, where it says "channel : RGB", change the drop down menu from RGB to luminosity, and use that histogram for editing all your aviation images.


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        i have the same problem.


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          Guys, check this out:

          In PS CC it looks like this:

          Switch the histogram window to extended view (drop down menu in upper right corner), and then you will be able to change channel to luminosty.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	1.jpg
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          * widok rozszerzony = extended view
          kanal = channel
          jasnosc = luminosty
          Disregard the rest

          Sorry for polish interface, but I can't switch it to english.


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            You guys are using the histogram via Image > Adjustments > Levels.

            I would suggest placing the histogram at the bottom left or right side of your Photoshop screen and leaving it open at all times. To find it... click Window > Histogram.

            And from there, as pawelm stated above, switch the histogram to extended view and from there change the drop down menu to luminosity.


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              Originally posted by XM02A
              Thanks guys, learn something new every day. I've tried editing the levels based on the luminosity histogram now, this is what I came up with. Am I correct in that you can't edit anything in the luminosity histogram - you must manipulate the levels in the adjustments tab (with the RGB, red, blue, green) until the luminosity graph peaks at the right places? Is it supposed to always have no flat areas? I.e. what if its late afternoon with a silhouette or low light, wouldn't that be flat in some areas? This is the sort of thing I'm talking about, took one of your pictures that was a screener's choice Dave (hope you don't mind lol, fantastic shot) and it's flat on the right hand side, isn't it?


              Anyhow, is this better now? Might be bad because it's the first time I've tried to edit like this, so feel free to be harsh/critical, I'd prefer that so I can improve.


              Let me know what you think.
              Second one looks a little too harsh to me. The lighting situation looks like it was a bit tricky, but if you want, I'd consider attempting an edit if you'd let me have a look at the raw file.