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Rejected Photo due to Sharpness (soft)

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  • Rejected Photo due to Sharpness (soft)

    I shoot my pictures in RAW and process them using Lightroom. When I save them as a JPEG even at 100% quality the photo becomes very soft. When I look at them in raw format they look very sharp, but when I export them they lose sharpness. What is the best way to avoid this? Can I save them in a different format and still be able to upload them to the database?

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    You can only upload as JPG. Just try to sharpen the photo as last step before saving it, mainly after resizing. There are different methods of sharpening, either using multiple steps with Unsharp Mask or Smart Sharpening and more.
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      Thanks for the tip... I'll try again using your suggestion


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        Try saving them as PNG or TIFF first, resize, sharpen (filter or mask is fine) and then save as jpg. Are they still soft?


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          You only need to save as PNG or TIFF (Both of which do not compress the image) if you intend to return to the image in order to finish your processing. Otherwise, process and save in .jpg as your last action.
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            Thank you for the tips... I actually fixed them following your advice and they were all accepted... one of them made the top #1 spot for 24-48 hours!