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    Originally posted by XM02A View Post
    Hey guys, just a bit confused about a particular rejection, trying to learn from my mistake.

    This is the photo in question.

    Apparently it's been considered as similar to this.

    My understanding about the similar photo rule was minimum greater than 45 degrees angle. It's a different location, parked vs taxiing, different angle, (greater than 45) and different day all together. As a personal rule I normally don't upload the same registrations at an airport during a visit too much but considering the rarity of El Al at YSSY, I made a comment to the screeners explaining the significance of the occurrence, as I assumed it was already within the rules.

    Regarding the color, that's fair enough, and at least something that I can try to fix. To be fair, it was taken before sunrise. I did upload as a 'night' shot. All I got from the screener in the appeal was "Admin Comments >> angle way too similar, poor contrast/color. Regards". That doesn't really help all that much. Does it need more contrast? Less contrast? What color in particular should I reduce/increase? I guess that's what the forum is for though.

    Happy to stand corrected if I have a misunderstanding of either rule. Just trying to learn.

    The difference is less than 45. The photo has a green-ish colour cast. Also, the photo is borderline soft and suffers a bit from JPG compression. Depending on the original photo, you should be able to improve it, but the similar angle is a killer here.
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