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    I sat in traffic to get to Longbridge park by Reagan National for 45 minutes (which is usually a 20 minute drive for me). Then as I try to start shooting, I realize I forgot my memory card on my PC at home. I go into my camera bag, and realize that my backup memory card is sitting on my desk at home as well. Now, I never leave my memory card in my computer.


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      I was shooting some photos at SBA, when I trip over the curb and absolutely destroy my 18-55 lens. Had to use 70-300 MM lens for all shots. They didn't turn out that well...



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        Back in 2013, I flew from Ohio to LAX for the PHX Spotters / NYC Aviation meetup. I was only going to be there for 20 hours or so, but I flew for the sake of seeing old friends, plus I had miles. Took my 70-200 and my 28-70L.

        For those of you who have been to In n Out, you know a wide lens is needed.

        I started shooting, and found out that my 28-70... wouldn't focus from about halfway to infinity. So I had to shoot with the 70-200, and most shots were less than ideal.

        What happened? About 1 month before the LAX trip I went to CMH for my weekly spotting, for some reason I was hand carrying my 1DS/28-70 when I left the apartment, tossed it in the passenger seat and forgot to buckle it up. Going up the helical parking garage ramp pushed the camera towards the door (thank you, centripetal force) and when I mindlessly opened the passenger door to retrieve my gear, the lens tumbled down from my lifted truck (thanks gravity) and sort of snapped in two on impact. I put it back together but the focus was off and I never checked it until I got to LAX. Ended up being a $350 rebuild (on a lens that I paid $700 for) and kind of a wasted trip. The 1DS was fine, although the pavement did crack a bit where it landed.

        The 25,000 MileagePlus mile 3x3 with animal fries however, was worth it. And so was the layover in Denver, where I highly recommend stopping by New Belgium brewing.

        Felipe Garcia


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          I once went inside the terminal at ULLI to get some food, was in the middle of it when I heard “Japan Airlines flight xxxx has landed”

          It was a 787.

          JAL doesn’t fly to ULLI.

          It was right there, it was a once in a lifetime charter.

          And I missed it.


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            I went to RAF Northolt for a night shoot.

            I took my camera.

            I took spare batteries.

            I took a wireless remote shutter release.

            I left my tripod just inside the garage door !!

            Luckily, someone had a spare tripod.

            It was my wife.

            It took ages to live that one down !!!
            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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              I need to bring this up so it won't get lost in my memory bank.

              January 2017, Japan Air Force One was set to arrive DVO at night (20-1102), we caught it and called it a night, 20-1101 (the backup a/c) was to arrive the next morning and it was pretty late, i had two options: to sleep and hope i get up to the alarm (i had a mistake with an Atlas 744F years before) or stay up enough to catch it on morning arrival, i chose the latter and rode out the night, eventually caught the 2nd aircraft. called it off and went home and planned to come back later. since there wasn't any info of its departure i decided to take a doze off, i set an alarm for 11AM (this was a lifesaver), woke up to the alarm to the news that they were about to depart! rushed the way back to the airport but as i did 20-1102 took off, i missed JF001, luckily i still had enough time to catch the backup aircraft depart. and that was that.

              lesson: get some sleep!


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                Working on my 70-300 lens, I tried using an electric buffing attachment on my dremel tool to polish it. Only to realize that I had used the wrong tip. I had used a tip for grinding. Lesson 1: Pay attention to the bits you attach to your tools. Lesson 2: Polish your lenses by hand.


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                  Receiving a reject for bad info and on your phone finding out, I've ticked the wrong registration