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Rejection and category confusion

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  • Rejection and category confusion

    Hello guys,

    referring to this rejection:

    I'm a bit confused here.

    In the email I got it stated from what I can see rejected for (Bad Info) due to me omitting Google ref in the comments.

    I thought it was wrong according to the guidelines so duly appealed it. Got a detailed reply saying I should have selected "airport overview" category.

    This is where for me it gets a bit confusing...

    I agree I could have added the google ref, but the description I put I felt was detailed enough to not warrant the inclusion of the google info (noting it IS optional).

    I read through the upload guidelines before uploading it and I understood (or thought so) had covered all bases regarding the upload entering YBBN in both registration and also Airport sections. I duly selected "spotting location" as the category. Thought that is it, and waited 16 days to be told otherwise.

    from what I can see, nowhere in the guidelines does it explicitly say spotting locations should also be in the airport overview category. I (perhaps wrongly) assumed that an airport overview photo would depict a large portion of said airport, not merely a spotting location.

    Am I missing something (blind?) I just want to be sure I'm on the right page as the screeners. I appreciated the reply to the rejection even if it was quite blunt

    sorry for the long winded post too.

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    The description doesn't say how to get there. Hence the reply regarding google coordinates, which are the easiest way to explain how to get to a spotting location. In addition, all photos showing parts of airports, as for example spotting locations, need the Airport Overview category.
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