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Lightroom RAW-JPEG - compresion issues, Workflow

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  • Lightroom RAW-JPEG - compresion issues, Workflow

    Hi, i'm strugeling a bit to get my pictures up to the quality needed. I loose alot of sharpness when converting from raw to jpeg i believe. I usualy edit a picture like this:

    1. import raw from camera (D750) in to lightroom
    2. lense corrections, crop and adjust horizon
    3. spot removal
    5.Exposure, contrast, saturation, shadows, White,black, clarity....
    6.i usualy set the tonecurve to medium contrast and work from there
    7.Detail - add sharpeness with adjustment tool or if an isolated plane in the air by masking (+30-50) and reduce noice, luminance and colour
    8.export to jpeg, qual 100, 1280 pixels, 300 ppi

    anything im doing wrong?

    Sry for my bad english, not my native

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    I tend to do all my sharpening in Photoshop using "Smart sharpening" and apply several passes of 50% sharpening at 0.1 pixels.

    There isn't really any need to save the image at 300ppi for general web use unless you're printing it out. All my work is at the default 72ppi.


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      Hi, thanks.

      I've been told that when u export your pictures from lightroom and choose less than 300 ppi the program compresses the image more. The only reason for the option to be there is to tel the program what u want to do with the picture, if you tell the program that u dont want to be able to print at a higher resolution than 72, lightroom compresses for that, if you choose 300ppi, the file gets bigger, more information.

      its what i have been told, dont know if its true but it makes sense to my ears


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        For quality:
        Try using Google Nik Collection (it's free!). It has a very cool RAW sharpening tool that will dramatically increase quality if used correctly. Also try the other tools like Color Effect Pro for better contrast.
        I have a video explaining this. it is in Spanish but check it out, you will figure it out.

        When exporting from LR, mine is set at 1300dpi and I have no uses.