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  • Heat Distortion

    Hello, how to avoid heat distortion effect during the daytime sun? and how camera setting and angle to taking photos? thank you

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    Unfortunately heat haze (distortion) is a phenomena which all aviation photographers deal with. There is no real way to cut down on heat haze on photographs. You will notice that you will encounter more haze when photographing smaller aircraft, and less on larger aircraft. The best way to keep haze to a minimum is to shoot on cooler days, late on in the evening. There is not really any camera settings, filters etc which will reduce the haze.

    Hope this helps


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      Just to extend on what cmorton explained. The closer you are the better. It may be very hot out but if you are close you may not experience heat haze. I often shoot with a 600mm very early in the morning because it is still cool. But sometime within 30 minutes all photos are useless at long ranges.

      Also, you may experience something similar to heat haze of you shoot an AC when another passed by in front. Engine heat will produce the same unfortunate effect.