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  • Rejected picture.


    I have a question, this picture of me got rejected but the reason is strange for me.

    I think I left in the comment for the screener that if it was a night shot that he could add it please,so category rejection of that maybe? But I asked it.

    And when I did appeal there was no help or comment from the admin.

    Thank you for taking your time and have a nice day.

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    In your screening results email, the screener left you a comment saying that the night shot category was required.

    When appealed, the rejection reasons still stood in that it was too dark so I guess the admin handling the appeal thought that nothing needed clarifying.

    On a side note, when you get screening results emails, please take the time to scroll through it regardless if you get images accepted or rejected as sometimes screeners will leave messages of help or encouragement as has been requested by members here on the forum. We can not keep doing so if the messages go unread.


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      As Mr Chips (AKA Dave Henderson) says, when there are multiple rejection reasons we don't add a category. You commented on the night shot issue so we were already aware that you knew about it and the dark/under issue was self explanatory so no comment was made. Some folks get a bit grumpy when there is no screener comment but we screen thousands of images a week. A comment on each screening would take up a large chunk of our time plus the fact that many of the comments that we do make are not read.
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