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"Similar" Guidelines - 2 Questions

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  • "Similar" Guidelines - 2 Questions

    Hi JP Crew.
    I fully understand the new Similar guidelines. However, I have the following doubts:

    1. Are photos of the same registration considered Similar if they were taken the same day but in different airports? Of course, given that they are not in the same angle, composition, etc.
    2.Is there a limit, per photographer, to the quantity of photos of the same registration in different dates and of course following current similar guidelines?

    thank you,
    Cristian Quijano

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    Hi Cristian,

    1) Different airports is fine, we will generally allow 1 similar shot on of the same angle only. If its the same airport, only 1 will be accepted, regardless of the phase of flight.

    2) There's no real limit to having same reg/airport on the database as long as they do not fall under the similar guide. Same date however, we will only accept 1 shot from the same sequence(two photos of the same landing regardless of angle on the same date is similar). For example, i have many shots from SYD of particular Qantas 744's however since change of livery and different angles etc, aren't considered similar.

    I hope that helps!