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Problem with Adobe photoshop - sudden issue occurring

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  • Problem with Adobe photoshop - sudden issue occurring

    I have encountered an issue with Photoshop while working on some photos this evening. The first few were fine, but then all of a sudden, when I crop the photo, it is reducing to a tiny size (138 x 103, with a resolution of 9999). I don't recall making any selections that might have resulted in this and I don't know why it has suddenly decided to do this.

    Any ideas as to how I can fix it? Perhaps someone has experienced this before.

    What should the resolution be normally?


    (Looking at the second line, where it says "W x H x Resolution", this was showing an extremely small size 0.035cm; don't know why it suddenly decided to change to this - maybe I selected something without realising, but can anyone tell me what should normally be on this line. Alternatively, is there a way to revert to normal settings so the blasted thing doesn't develop a mind of its own at inconvenient moments again!)
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    Sorted it out ... at last! Just deleted the very small size on the task bar and that seemed to do it.