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1st time submission - Rejection

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  • 1st time submission - Rejection

    Need help, my image was rejected as 'bad quality' not sure what I did wrong other than the sky with the fade in the corners of the photo. Please assist!
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    If you read in the Guidelines it means:
    4.1 Bad Quality
    A bad quality rejection means that the picture has many problems and is not worth considering further editing, appealing or re-uploading.
    I'm of course no crew but I see on the first look it's not cropped, vignetting on the corners. Also the sharpness and colours looking a bit odd. There seems also to be something like lens flare in the lower right side of the picture but that could also come from the vignetting.
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      This picture needs editing. Editing is 50% of digital photography, so it means you need to learn how to edit your image. You also need to carefully read the upload guideline where you'll find many useful infos and examples. Hanging around in the forum is also a great place to learn tips on editing.
      And the best would be to meet and share advices with other photographers with more experience. Check around the community at your local airport, I'm sure you could find somebody to help you out.

      a good tuto :

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        dark corners (vignetting) is easily fixable in any photo processing software, in your case is just matter of cropping. Please note that accepted pictures show planes in quite tight frames. Attached picture is a bit small, but it's easy to see that whole plane is soft. (linking rejected picture would help to analyze it better). Feel free to ask for help, but remember to link rejected pictures and avoid posting pictures already in screening queue.
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          Also, try to avoid putting a watermark across the subject. It ruins the viewing experience. If you feel you must do this then choose a faint one.
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