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Scanning Slides that have "oil canned"

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  • Scanning Slides that have "oil canned"

    After some advice. I have a pretty nice slide collection from the late 80s to mid 90s.
    Many of these slides when put in a projector were partially blurred, buy after a minute or so once the film was warm ping it was all in focus.

    Now years latter and a move to Oz I am struggling to scan or take a pic using a duplicator. I can focus on any part and is good, but there will be another area out of focus. I can then focus on that area and the original bit is out.

    I have bought some glass mounts this only improves it a little.

    Any tips would be most welcome.


    Tony Coles

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    Hi Tony,

    I still shoot film for some things and have done a lot of scanning but I can't say this is a problem I've come across. I'm guessing the film is somehow not flat anymore?
    Seeing the world with a 3:2 aspect ratio...

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      Hi Tony,

      Slides unfortunately sometimes do deform someway when mounted. Best way to counter that, if possible, is to use another slide that was not mounted. Otherwise you can try to bend the slide a bit and mount it to another type of mount. It wont became straight but may be ok for copying. Then you can also try to focus stack it, but this is a bit laborous way. Imacon skanner woud cure the problem, but its expensive way unless you find a library etc. where you can do it yourself.

      Jukka Huppunen