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Is it worth to re-upload ?

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  • Is it worth to re-upload ?

    I am new in this forum, so I hope this is the right place for this request.
    Today I got the following rejection:
    Sure, this photo is blurry and soft, but it shows a quite rare aircraft. As far as I can judge there is no other photo of this airframe in internet so far. My question to one of the screeners; should I try to sharpen a bit more and upload again or is the quality of this photo far below of scale for the JetPhotos database?
    Further, please give me also a hind, what I did wrong with the categories. I think I haven't chosen any. Why was it wrong?
    Greetings from EDDL Felix

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    Although soft as noted, given the age and rarity (as well as the fact that it is new to the DB), it should not have been rejected. As such, it will retroactively be accepted. Thanks for your patience with this.