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Quick editing video tutorials for aviation photography

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  • Quick editing video tutorials for aviation photography

    I have been uploading to youtube videos explaining a basic workflow for enthusiasts that wish to get their pictures in JetPhotos. After my share of trial and error and some people asking for advice on the basics, I have produced a series of tutorials that explain the basics. I explain one of the many ways to edit a photo and the workflow that has been working for me, which applies a ton of feedback from the JetPhotos Crew in the editing advice posts and the suggested tutorials.

    I am planning to do my next one in English. So feedback is appreciated before I produce.

    I hope this helps.


    This is the link to a very basic one.

    How to get rid of halos (In Spanish but self-explanatory, 14min) This one follows to great extent the tutorial provided by Brian here. Also, please check the videos by Angelo Bufalino, from which I have learnt a lot.

    Full tutorial (In Spanish but self-explanatory, 22min)

    Quick tutorial (In Spanish, 14mins)

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    Hola Cristian,
    Gracias por tus tutorials


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      Oh I realise I forgot to reply - great videos indeed !! very interesting and well done



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        Thank you Alex! trying to help the community.


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          Sorry for reviving this one. Do you still make these tutorials? If the answer is yes, I would like to give some tips for video editing.
          I've found applications like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X very helpful. They have a user-friendly interface and plenty of tools to play around with for tutorials.
          Clean sound enhances viewer engagement in audio, so investing in a good quality mic is essential.
          Lastly, I would emphasize mouse pointer visibility - it's a small tweak but definitely helps follow where the action is going on screen.​


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            I've had a great experience using Movavi Video Editor from In terms of editing, it's user-friendly, with a good variety of tools that can enhance your tutorials.
            As for some video editing tips, consider using easy-to-understand overlays to highlight certain edit points. Aim for high visibility when demonstrating a tool; visual cues are more effective that way. Also, ensure the mouse pointer is properly visible during screen recordings.​