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  • Photos are always too soft...

    Hi y'all. I've begun to realize that I've got a problem with sharpening. When pictures come fresh from my Canon 450D, they appear too soft. I've been trying to find a solution to this, but to no avail. I think it may be my lens, the Canon 55-250 F4-5.6 IS. Another thing to do with sharpening is editing. I can never find the perfect balance. Any help in regards to both of these problems would be appreciated.

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    Hi Matt,

    Naturally, the lower the lens quality, the less sharp shots you'll get. However, most lens' can still produce good shots if you use them correctly. Most people would recommend shooting in good morning or afternoon direct sunlight(not overcast/rainy weather or middle of the day when the sun is very high as well as being close to the subjects. Also, not shooting further than your lens will allow. For your lens, go to a location where you don't need to zoom any further than 200mm(ideally 100-150mm). Use Aperture priority with F8.0 and ISO100 which I find lots of spotters do and let your camera sort out the rest. Also, for beginners, static or slow moving targets are best, like parked or taxiing aircraft.

    Shoot in the brightest sun you can, generally within the first 3hrs after sunrise and 3hrs before sunset (as long as the sun is always behind you) and post some of your results here so we can pre-screen them.



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      I used to work with 55-250 as my first lens (got it with my 450D - my first DLSR) and I realized quite quickly that this lens is rather "home use", not the best for quality shots. Still - you may get pretty decent pics, but conditions have to be good.


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        Okay thanks! I wouldn't consider myself a beginner, I was just wanting to know why the images weren't sharp. I think I'll be upgrading soon! Thank you again!