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How to improve the processing/quality of photos thus raising the acceptance ratio

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  • How to improve the processing/quality of photos thus raising the acceptance ratio

    Dear members, if you allow me, let me share/suggest/discuss some ideas to improve the processing/quality of the upload photos and therefore raise the acceptance ratio.

    I’m not a crew member, know or have affiliation with one. I’m new here, so take my words with a grain of salt.

    First,you need to define your goals here : Do you want to have fun ? Be famous and rich ? Or just have your name written in the sky ?
    Any of those will work. Interesting enough, you need only one thing to reach any of those: Your Best Photo.

    Yes, but… when I start, I upload 5 of “my best photos”… all were rejected. The same happened for the next 5, and next, next.

    So instead of having a VIP pass to accept my photos, I have a VIP pass to reject them. I upload them… and in the next minute , they were reviewed and rejected.

    So I join the forum and start understand the rules of engagement : technical/processing/guideline stuff.

    Crew and forums members were relentless in helping me… so after some time I had one photo approved.
    I was so “afraid” of getting rejected again, that just after having 20 or so pre-screen photos considered ok… I had the courage to upload one

    So in the process, I learned a couple "of tricks".

    1. Processing : I was processing two much. Photos should be ok without processing.Some light, some color, some sharpening… default values, global values. If the photo doesn’t look ok. Move on to the next. I’m just using the free stuff that comes of the Mac/PC and GIMP. No fancy processing, layers mask, etc. Is the photo sharp ? Process it. No… delete it.
    2. Choosing the photo: After taking a good shot, go to upload it right way. After some time I realize that, next day, next week I’l be shooting the same plane again. And probably with a better shot/angle. As such nowadays, I’ve a buffer of photos… for the same plane/spot… since we can always do better… a better photo will arrive at any moment. There’s no need to rush.
    3. Getting attached to a photo: Yes, sometimes , you get in love with a photo and it’s mess when it is rejected. We get pissed off …and we ask/post, and you appeal and appeal. Forget it. Move along. There’s dozens of planes to photograph out there. If having the courage, delete the photo, you don’t have any more temptations to re-process it and post it again.
    4. Never give up. Yes you can do it : Weekend, early morning I was take some photos, when another spotter (a foreign) did join. He had a complete pro setup. Two cameras, all the canon’s white glass. And me & my Nikon $399 kit setup. We start taking , sharing informations about the next planes to land/take off. Both were using FR24 and suddently, one of my photos shows up in the app. I “proudly” told him… looks it’s my photo (at the time I had about 10 photos accepted) and then he told me that the tried in the past …but all the photos were reject, so he had given up.

    Further talking , I realize that the guy was/his a 747 cargo captain. He travels the 7 seas/skys and has spotting as an hobb
    He uses Flickr as the main site to publish his work. Later, seeing his photos there I realize the quality the extend and diversity of his work.

    This is the guy, who has access to privilege places, moments, angles , situation… and still doesn’t move him a bit to be in JetPhotos.
    Sure, some of his photos wouldn’t be acceptable do to the rules of engagement. So enjoy the hobby and have fun.

    Also remember, gear is important, but not much, good opportunities/places/moments would be nice, but you can still get a good shot.

    1. Is there something I/we can add to JP after 3M photos? I believe so. First there’s these magic moments. The light, the angle, the situation that are unique. You just need to be there.

    So, did I solve the 100% acceptance ratio… of course not… while I’m writing, I’ve just receive an upload report…. with several rejections (damn) : Bad registration, bad color, bad processing, bad info. Yup, let’s move along, wave and smile, wave and smile.

    The perfect photo is just out there, we need to keep on trying. There’s always the dream to receive a “photo of the week award”

    Hope it help you in anyway and that "the Light and Sharpening Gods be with you"