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Contrast Rejections: Too much or too little?

This is a sticky topic.
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    Originally posted by 777MAN View Post

    Ok I will respond ( against my better judgement). Read this -

    You do yourself no favours postings such remarks. The Crew give up personal time to screen images. So everyone who genuinely uploads their images within the guidelines have to contend with waiting whilst we reject your “ double” uploads. Quite ridiculous!
    You obviously do not get english humour. The too much or too little contrast rejection has been a problem for a long time for many people - even using the histogram in Lightroom i still get that rejection. One of several reasons i dont bother uploading here very often


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      Too much or too little contrast is the most common rejection in Jetphotos, but from the perspective of photographer, I think this rejection should split to 3 rejections
      1:High contrast
      2:Low contrast
      3:Light condition not good enough or Poor weather condition

      Here are the following reasons that I think JP should add extra rejection of contrast.
      1:Many photographer confuse about photo's contrast is too high or low, I think giving a high or low contrast will not give more pressure on photo screeners.

      2:In JP, some photo with bad weather condition will be rejected by too much or too little contrast as well. But in some cases, the weather is not good, but it is also not very bad. If the photo got rejected for once by too much or too little contrast rejection. The photographer may increase or decrease the contrast of the photo then upload it again. But in fact the photo screener think the weather is bad then giving this photo a contrast rejection. So no matter how photographer change the contrast of this photo, the photo will be always rejected by contrast rejection.
      Imagine, if the screener give a light condition not good enough at the first time that this photo being screened, the photographer will not re-edit this photo again for re-uploading. This will save photographers' time and slot, also will save screeners' time.

      Jetphotos has a voting system on photo screening, but photographer are only available to see the final result of the screened photo.
      If photographer can see the voting process like: ( provide a very good example of this)
      1st screener: soft
      2nd screener: ask for second option
      3rd screener: Added to HQ (accept)

      Let's say that an image is finally accepted in the second or third screen process, but the advice given by the first screener can still help the photographer to avoid this problem in the later shooting or photo editing.

      I wish the staff member of Jetphotos could consider my suggestions.

      Kind regards from Sydney
      Charlie Chang


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        Originally posted by Alex - Spot-This ! View Post
        Or we could just add "quality" to any image which has no chance of being accepted ? I would like that solution better than adding an extra rejection reason

        - Contrast alone - Room to improvement
        - Contrast + quality - No Chance, one for the personal collection
        I agree with your opinion, but in most cases when the bad weather photo will be only rejected by contrast rejection. Not contrast + bad quality
        Hope this situation will be change in the future
        Kind regards from Sydney
        Charlie Chang