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How to improve significantly the quality of photos with just one bit change

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  • How to improve significantly the quality of photos with just one bit change

    Dear all, this is probably old news for you... if that's the case, I'm sorry for taking your time.

    There's always people struggling with jpeg conversations issues.
    I had the same problems while trying to get photos with 1280px as similarly as possible to the original 6000x4000px

    Here's the stuff...
    .. I'm using Mac Photos application... so it may work differently with other applications, so please do your tests.
    .. when exporting the file to jpeg and doing the resize to 1280px...
    .. do a couple of exports with 1279, 1278 pixels

    You may find out that one of the photos is better than the other...and as strange as it seems one pixel makes all the difference , way better!!

    Sometimes the 1280 is the better .. sometimes it's another...
    After 2-3 pixels change the quality goes back to normal ( either bad or good )

    I'm including some results with just one pixel shift.

    So, do you tests as see if this works for you and share your experiences and tricks.


    PS: for sure, for those already being able to upload 1920px photos.... then this doesn't make such a difference.
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    ...or you can just make sure you crop your image to proportions that will not require any extrapolation by the software when re-sizing. I.e. if you have a ~ 6000pix original and want to end with a 3x2 ratio at 1200pix (1200x800), make sure your original is exactly 3x2 already (6000x4000), rather than, say, 6002x4000 when you resize it.


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      Thx dlowwa. Just great to know ways to improve the quality of photos.

      I "discover" this efect by coincidence while exporting the same image twice but with a different crop selection/zone ..
      So I've done a couple of tests and end up by getting the desired effect with the 1 bit shift.

      But I agree that maintaining the aspect ratio as you mentioned is a simpler solution.