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  • Sony F717

    Sorry to be like the one zillionth person to ask about this camera...

    Can anyone tell me if I could use my Sigma Zoom lens that I have on my regular Film Minolta SLR Camera?

    And...what's the lowest price on this camera that you have ever seen? 'Cause I've found it as low as $524. Is that as low as it goes on the net?


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    One...i doubt it...and two, there's currently an auction up on ebay for around 900 where you get the camera and both Sony made 0.7x and 1.7x lenses. Looks to be a pretty good value. PM me if you want a link to it...i'm not sure offhand when it ends.


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      Hello Sammy ... Just thought i'd voice my opinions as im a current user of a Sony F707.
      For the money, you get a cracking little camera ... i've had mine for just over a year now and i've been really happy with what it's produced.
      I do however recommend you get an 'x-drive' in which to store your images on because the memory cards for these things aren't cheap and on the highest quality they don't hold many pics (on my 64mb i can get 9 pics on the highest setting) ...
      Good luck,


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        Shaun, that X-Drive is an amazing thing!


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          No you can not use your Sigma lens on the F717. You can not change lenses (like on a SLR camera) on the F717. The F717 has a fixed lens and on the end of that you can put a converter to double your zoom. I do not have the F717 myself, but some of my friends use it.
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