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    Originally posted by mplace View Post
    Hi again! If I could get these four photos pre-screened, I would greatly appreciate it!
    1, 3, 4 - borderline contrast. low/diffuse light, may or may not be acceptable.
    2. ok for me.

    Originally posted by mplace View Post
    I am also wanting to know more on how contrast and exposure is assessed when screening photos. This was my second attempt at submitting this photo. The first time, I was rejected for "over processed, underexposed, and contrast. When I appealed, my request was denied because the contrast was too harsh. I was told to "ignore the overexposed/dark rejection, [because] it was from a screener in training." I went back to reduce the contrast and took the screener's word to ignore the exposure. As you can see on my second attempt, I was rejected for the same reasons.
    It was not rejected for the same reasons, the earlier 'dark' rejection was not included. There are sections of the aircraft that are blown out (clipped highlights), while the shadows are quite strong. The low angle of the light and the livery are the main culprits here. If you can come up with an edit that brings down the highlights from being clipped and at the same time boosts the shadows, you might be able to come up with an acceptable edit.