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  • Originally posted by bwn View Post
    Not sure why you just ignored my last question? Did I do something wrong? Can you please prescreen this?[ATTACH=CONFIG]25600[/ATTACH]
    I think I made it pretty clear previously:

    Originally posted by dlowwa View Post
    I'll offer to give advice one more time, but only under the condition that you 1) follow said advice and 2) post the rejections you disagree with here for advice before appealing. If you can do that, I'm willing to continue giving feedback. If not, which of course is totally at your discretion, I won't be replying to your requests any more.
    I've seen multiple appeals from you recently where if you had asked for advice first, you would have seen that appeals were not at all called for in those cases. Again, your prerogative, but I made the consequences clear in my earlier post.


    • Ok, I'm sorry. I had sought advice first from fellow spotters/friends. I should have come to you first. My bad, I'm sorry. With that said, can you take a look at my photo


      • Also keep in mind, I had 20 rejects these past 2 weeks, and I appealed 2. I'm not one of those folks who appeals every single reject, so I am going to ask respectfully that you don't treat me one.