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  • framalex images - editing advice

    Every photo i submit gets rejected! i'm biased, i know, but really believe images such as this should be ok
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    Originally posted by framalex images View Post
    Every photo i submit gets rejected! i'm biased, i know, but really believe images such as this should be ok
    Hello, i'm not a screener and still learning.

    First you need to know that we all get a lot of rejections, especially when you start uploading, and i know that is really frustrating.
    The thread here can be really helpful for you.

    The first one looks soft. Too low in frame and not centered.
    The second have some really visible dust spots above the plane. looks also a bit soft for me. Crop can also be a problem and maybe low in frame.

    Again, i'm not a screener and maybe wrong so you must wait for a screener to check it.


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      Dear framalex,

      I am a screener , but even I haven't screened your pics, I must agree with bapt0708. First one low, soft and not centered, 2nd one soft, dust/scan and cut-off. All of these faults are easy to fix, so you can try to fix them and reupload the pics




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        Dear Friend,

        I am not a crew member, but please allow me to express my views and recommend you a very important recommendation.
        First, previous commenters are right.
        Have you read and researched the photos upload guides in depth?

        Without doing it in a serious and profound way, it's a waste of your time.
        You should learn the subject before uploading photos.

        I wish you all the best.


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          What equipment are you using? The images look like they are from a Canon camera and you need to remove the yellow cast. The Lauda may be passable, less so the TUI.


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            Those photos not only have some problems with the editing but also serious problem with basic photographic skills.

            You really want to work out how shutter speed, aperture and ISO are connected. The white balance seems also strangely off for a Nikon D7000 using Auto WB. So I guess it is a RAW conversion where the software used a wrong WB setting.

            Maybe links in my signature can help you.