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Bad Scan or Bad Motive???????

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  • Bad Scan or Bad Motive???????

    hi: I'm new to the forum and site and tried to upload the following picture. Got 2 different rejections and now I'm not sure what to do!!! Please drop me your suggestions. Bad Scan Bad Motive

    I know we all have different opinions but it seems to me that these two are way too different.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi, I didn't screen the pic but my thoughts are:

    The pic is both badscan and badmotive (and perhaps baddark!):

    There is dirt on the scan, dots etc. (badscan)
    The photo is a gate shot, with foreground clutter. That is more subjective but you can expect a badmotive call with these type of photos. (badmotive)

    And as I said, it is far too dark.

    But keep trying, and improving and soon you'll have something uploaded here!



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      Thanks Andrew for your input.
      I understand your points and will take note. Is there something like a list of things that you specially look for in a photo, or do you just basically screen the picture based on your own personal and technical opinion?
      I know it's kind of subjective as you say, to screen a picture, but what kind of things moves you when looking at a picture? (As this goes to everybody who wants to answer!)
      As far as the techical aspect of my pic, I cleaned the scanner and used 600dpi to scan it. I have a hard time seen the dirt on the pict...could you tell me how to look for those things?? I'm sure there's probably dirt..I just can't see it. Another thing, does the MATTE -GLOSSY finish on a positive make a big difference when scanning a pic?
      Thanks again for all the input..looking forward for some more!

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