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A technique for easily removing dust spots.

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  • A technique for easily removing dust spots.

    I have found a technique that I find makes it very easier to identify and remove dust spots from images taken with a digital SLR.

    This is using Photoshop 7.

    1. Create a new adjustment layer of the "curves" type.
    2. Accept the default layer name or type in a new one. It doesn't matter, as it will be deleted later anyway.
    3. In the curves dialogue, adjust the black point to somewhere between 50-75%. You don't want it too dark, but you want it dark enough for the dust spots to show up. Any dust spots should be readily apparent now.
    4. Click on the "background" layer to make it active.
    5. Link the new curves layer to the background. This is not essential, but it makes it easier to see which spots have removed.
    6. Use the healing tool or clone tool to remove the dust spots.
    7. Once completed, remove the curves layer.

    Note that this technique will only reveal dust spots against a plain background, but since they're the only ones that are annoying, they're the only ones that need to be removed.

    I can probably post some screenshots to help if necessary, but I hope the above explanation is sufficient.

    Apologies if this has been covered before....

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    Nice one - hadn't thought of that. It can indeed be a problem to see dust spots with a similar brightness to the background - until of course you've uploaded the pic when they immediatly become all to obvious


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      You can always just .....

      Clean the sensor...