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which of these images do you think is better?

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  • which of these images do you think is better?

    As Santa was good enough to drop Adobe Photoshop Elements down the Chimney last Thusday morning, I have been looking at some of my older shots for which I used Corel Photo House 5 and trying to rework them in Adobe.

    I have used auto levels and unsharp mask to change this:


    to this:

    Which would the screeners prefer and how might you improve it?
    Yes there are a couple of spots and a dark blue shade 3/4 the way up the page, however for the purpose of this post I am more interested in colour levels and contrast etc.


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    Number 1 is definately better. In both of them the white is quite washed out but it's much worse in the second one. It also looks like you used a bit too much USM in the second one.


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      I prefer the first (original) to the second one. It looks fake and is way overprocessed.

      Don't use "auto" anything.


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        Originally posted by JeffinDEN
        Don't use "auto" anything.
        I second that.
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          don't really know much about Photoshop Elements, but I am a professional retoucher for a living, so i did a little work on your image. Not sure if you can do the same thing in Elements, as I am using PS 8.0

          I did a levels adjustment on the grass in the foreground to give it a bit more definition. I then used curves to darken both the grass and the sky to make the plane "jump" out of the picture a bit more, and to more closely reflect the way a clear sky and a field of grass look to the naked eye (cameras can fool you). I corrected a greenish tone that was throughout the image, most notably in the sky. I enhanced the saturation a bit on the plane itself, emphasizing the livery. Just for laughs, I made the grass green... that is an optional step.

          i didn't do any sharpening. First of all, you've got a lot of grain that would become pretty abrasive, and also, it looks like whatever camera you use puts a pretty nice unsharp mask on the image right when it saves the file. You're not going to get any sharper than you've already got.

          what do you think?


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            Thanks Guys and Sorry itís taken a few days to reply to your comments and suggestions, I have been up to Scotland for Hogmanay (new years).

            I think I have to agree with all of you, my instinct was that the second is over processed as Jeff says. The colours look more vivid but are a perhaps a bit over the top as is the sharpening. This was taken on winters day when the Sun never gets that high and so light was a bit of a problem preventing from getting the best focal length for the shot.

            Thanks to Spiffae for your ideas, I am not sure if Elements has a curve tool and so I will have to have a more detailed look as soon as I get time. I also didnít realise that its possible to isolate certain areas of a picture to manipulate the colours etc. but I have to say that, if you go to Manchester at this time of year you will find the grass ain't quite so green!!!


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              Like i said, i'm not sure if you can isolate and mask areas in photoshop elements. it's worth trying though. You might be able to make a selection, feather it, and then apply levels or curves (they do similar things).


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                spiffae wrote;

                Like i said, i'm not sure if you can isolate and mask areas in photoshop elements
                It looks as though you can do this. I will experiment with it to see what can be done.