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  • RFH:Vignetting correction needed-tomh

    I have some older slides taken with a lens that produced significant vignetting (edge darkening) on the sides of the image. It is a gradual darkening equal to about -1.5/2.0 f-stop on the outer third of each side of the frame. Almost unnoticable on a cloudy day, it is most visible against a clear blue sky.

    Before I try to upload these, does anyone know how to correct this problem in a photo editing program? I use PS Elements II. This is an old optical problem, and it seems someone coulda/shoulda come up with a digital fix for it by now.

    My efforts at fixing this so far have not given me the results I want, as I usually end up with some stepping of the blue sky as a result of my correction.


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    Try using the dodge tool set between 5% to 10% with a 3 pixel feathered edge. Set the brush size to not quite cover the area to be treated, and use a soft edged brush. Sweep the tool across your darkened area as many passes as it takes to lighten the affected dark areas. If it gets too light then use the step back option in edit to revert to an acceptable level of exposure. I have used this technique to improve a number of vignetted photos and it seems to work fairly well. Remember to sweep quickly and across the whole area to be improved in one pass to get the best effect. If your photos are like most with vignetting you will have dark areas on each edge of the photo. Do each edge one at a time and try to be sure to match up the exposure levels if the photo calls for that.

    Good Luck!


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      another option....


      This method works well for me....

      Using the elliptical lassoo, select the middle portion of the image. Make sure the selection has a large feather value (250 or so)

      Invert the selection and then adjust the levels, moving the white slider across to the left until the images looks balanced.





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        Both techniques sound promising. I'll give them a try as soon as possible. Thanks, guys!


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          it seems someone coulda/shoulda come up with a digital fix for it by now

          You'd think so wouldn't you! Actually in the latest version of PS there is an "anti-vignetting" feature, unfortunately this can only be applied in digital file raw conversions - shame, as it works really well.

          There is however a plugin you can buy from

          which I think does exactly what you want. The techniques listed above are certainly effective, but can be time consuming - $40 for a plugin might be a worthwhile investment if you've got a lot of slides to process.


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            Hello Colin. Nice to hear from you. That Vignette package does indeed sound like just the thing. I'll have to assess how many of these images I have, but my suspicion is that it may be a worthwhile investment for me.