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Help with these photos.

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  • Help with these photos.

    Rejected for "underexposed". Too dark I assume? Anyway to fix this or is it just bad lighting?

    Bad cropping? The plane is almost perfectly centered, and takes up most of the frame without being cut off. What's bad about this?

    Bad Angle????? what's wrong with this angle?

    again, bad cropping? I cropped it this way intentionally to get the aircraft on the paralell runway.

    Suggestions appreciated, and if you think I could get any of these accepted with a resubmission please say so. Thanks.

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    I really don't think 182115 is badly cropped.
    Will F.
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      1. Yes, underexposed does mean dark, try lightening it up a bit in Photoshop.

      2. Heh...I actually flew on that plane...anyways, it appears that you left more space on the bottom of the photo than you did on the top.

      3. It's showing too much of the underside of the aircraft which makes the angle quite un-appealing to the eyes.

      4. If you want the photo to show the WN in the corner, don't crop the aircraft right up on the edge of the photo, give it a little breathing room.


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        Thanks for both your replies. I didn't know photographing the underside of the wings was looked down upon, I enjoy the way those shots show the workings of the landing gear, leading edge, and trailing edge devices. I really liked that King Air shot ( and am quite dissapointed that it was rejected, but I'll guess I'll just keep it for my own collection. This is one of my favorites from my collection, from a similair angle:

        Different strokes for different folks I guess.
        I have gone back into photoshop to correct some the cropping and exposure problems and may resubmit those later.


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          Originally posted by KAUSpilot
          I didn't know photographing the underside of the wings was looked down upon.
          Now that wasn't what I said, it's just the particular angle that this one was at, you cought too much of the underside, and not enough of the actual fuselage.


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            Instead of starting an entirely new topic, i'll just ask here:

            Is there anyway to save this picture?





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              A loose job Adam.

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                Don't take backlit pictures Adam. :P That will help them turn out better.