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  • Photo problem

    I'm concerned with the below shot and why it has the dark edges. It is NOT a scan but from my digital camera.

    What lighting conditions cause this and is it simply a design flaw of the Olympus C-750?

    Resized to 800x600 so it doesn't take up the whole screen.

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    Seems like vignetting. Make a few shots with different F-settings and compare them. DO you see any difference?

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      Where you at full zoom when you took that particular photo?


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        It's vignetting for sure. Were you using a telephoto converter or a lens hood? The C-750 won't normally do this but may under certain combinations of f-stop and focal length. It's not really a design flaw more of a limitation that you need to be aware of.

        The software that is supplied with the camera can tend to enhance this effect if you use the "Instant Fix' option. The same can be true if you use auto settings in PS. You can use the dodge tool in PS to clear it up some.

        Something like this:


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          Thanks for the help guys.

          My zoom was around 90% in when I took this pic. I'll bear in mind about it in the future. Thanks also for the photo enhancement advice but I think I'll avoid overediting my pics.