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  • Bad cropping

    hi all,

    first it was: Horizon unlevel (please level and resubmit!)
    So i did

    second time it was suddenly: Bad cropping

    i only did a resize and level the photo

    anyone knows what to do to get this one accepted

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    Re: Bad cropping

    Originally posted by flr1908
    second time it was suddenly: Bad cropping
    It wasn't suddenly bad cropping, it was bad cropping from the beginning. The problem is, that we screeners only can choose one entry out of the menu, when rejecting a pic. Otherwise we have to write the whole rejection reason, which takes away too much time.

    anyone knows what to do to get this one accepted
    YEP! level the photo and crop it to make an interesting aviation photography. Crop away the dead space above the aircraft. Watch out for the grain in the dark areas.

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      You probably took the photo in a vertical orientation to be sure to get all of the tower, but for this shot it wasn't necessary. Had there been towering cumulus clouds in the background then the vertical orientation might have been justified. As the shot is you have a lot of blank sky above the tower that adds nothing to your photo. Go back to your original and level it and then crop down to only what is important in the shot as Gerardo has suggested. You should wind up with something like this:


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        thnx guys for the advise, still in the learning preocess here

        it ending up like this now

        @ Freightdogg,

        why i shot it vertical ?? i really have no clue, i got other photos were i took them horizontal in the same batch :S
        I think i just wanted to try something out