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How to upload from disc???

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  • How to upload from disc???

    Hi all,

    I have just started to get my best slides scanned to cd by my local camera shop. I have them scanned in high resolution instead of internet resolution because i can reduce them in size myself. The problem is that an upload requests 1024 pixels and my cd gives me kb. (3.500kb becomes 350kb or similar). Now is my question, how do i know if it's the right size? Or should i have them scanned to internet resolution? Upload pictures from my digital camera that are reduced to 1024 pixels, are still around the 700kb in size.

    In need of some advice,


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    pixels and kb are completely different (although has abit of connection). Pixels is unit for the visual size of the image, i.e. widthxheight. kb is the file size.

    to find out what the pixels are, open up photoshop or similar and go to image > image size or similar. alternatively on win xp, right click on the image file and scroll around properties