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    I currently have two new airport's I would like to have added to the database so I can upload some photos from there. Usually it should take 24-48 hours for them to be processed, however the two airport's I want have been in the queue for nearly 5 weeks and the other for 2 weeks. The two airport's are Manjimup Airport (YMJM) and Denmark (YDEK). I have tried contacting the JetPhotos team via email but have had no replies. Not sure what I can do about this

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    I dont see sny such request so they are probably been dealt with. Did you used the correct format?
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      Both airports are in the database and are recognised in the image upload auto fill.

      Erwin... Manjimup Airport YMJM has a double entry !
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        Ah. I see that this topic is not about how to add a new airport which is missing in ms fsx or in ms 2020 . With fsx St Remy de Maurienne (LFKR), I could help. I constructed that one and added it to my fsx, because it was simply missing.
        We should discuss if something like that is also possible with the new one, the ms 2020. But then in the correct forum section.

        Halleluja, 5 old men in 1 topic. The threadstarter seems to be overwhelmed. Greetings.
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